Press release: A generous man gives 50 scarfs to Stëmm vun der Stroos


On Monday, October 4, Stëmm vun der Strooss welcomed René Nowak in their Hollerich facilities. M. Now has his heart on his sleeve. Six days a week, Nowak comes to Centre de jour Hesperkopp to meet people. A former worker of the Centre gave René Nowak “work” to show him he still holds a place in society. This is at that moment the idea of knitting scarfs sparked. The old man is passionate about knitting. « I spend my whole day knitting. I start knitting in the morning when I get to Centre Hesper Kopp and stop in the evening. I must take a lunch break, though. But other than this, I knit » he says.

It is hard work and a time-consuming process, but the result is undeniable. On average, René Nowak takes 3 days, from start to finish, to knit an entire scarf. Remember, 50 were given away to the non-profit. Let us also thank Hëllef Doheem which provides the necessary knitting equipment. Nowak lived a tough life. To draw parallel with knitting, the strings of his life were cut several times but he has been brave and determined to tie stronger knots after each hit.

Bob Ritz, Head of communication in Stëmm vun der Strooss, and Simon Pierrard, communication intern, accepted the donation. The two of them then had a conversation with René Nowak and his nurse who accompanied him. Nowak stated that it was important to him to donate to the least-favoured people. With the winter season already on our doorstep, many Stemm vun der Strooss beneficiaries will benefit from the scarfs.

Mr. Nowak had some more knitting to do so the visit was swift. He’s knitting some more scarfs for the non-profit. This will be the time to witness his generosity once more.

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