Stroum beweegt

Stëftung Hëllef Doheem is one of the 20 companies allowed to carry the new "Stroum bewegt" label. We are proud to participate in this initiative to protect our environment. The initiative was launched by the Ministry of Energy, Transport and the Environment and is awarded to companies with an electromobility project.

We have recently added 14 new electric cars for use on nursing rounds in metropolitan areas. We will also install charging stations in our centres. In doing so, we are doing our part to reduce CO2 emissions and conserve resources.

Between "being able to take care of everyone at home" and "protecting our environment", this is a project that is close to our hearts and will be expanded in the future.


Central administration

Stëftung Hëllef Doheem
48a, avenue Gaston Diderich
L-1420 Luxembourg


Stëftung Hëllef Doheem
B.P. 1878
L-1018 Luxembourg

Contact data

Phone: (+352) 40 20 80
Fax: (+352) 40 20 80 -6609

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